Boxing and Packing

Selling & Moving is probably one of the most overwhelming events in your life. While most of the time moving will be deliberate, sometimes it will be out of necessity. Either way, you will have to deal with the physical and emotional house moving house stress from the moment a decision is made to when the boxes are unpacked in the new house, regardless of how long the whole process takes. The stress and anxiety you may feel before you unpack the first box in the new home is quite normal. However, following these suggestions and tips will help you and your loved ones in coping with stress and anxiety when moving house.

Dealing with house moving stress and anxiety and getting very overwhelmed and not knowing where to start before you sell and put the house on the market?

That’s why our team at Cool Change Interiors are here to help and take the stress and anxiety and make life stress free for our clients and move on to their new happy adventure. We would help declutter and pack away your personal items into boxes and put them into your garage or storage, We would charge an hourly rate.